Common Office Hygiene Offences Committed by your Colleagues

The office is a very busy place. With deadlines to meet, phone calls and meetings to arrange, as well as the time spent eating and drinking, a lot gets done! As a professional cleaning service in Manchester, we know the importance of maintaining office hygiene. A sanitary office keeps your employees healthy and productive. With that said, thousands of offices in the UK are plagued by poor hygiene habits in the workplace. Here are the top offences.

Office Hygiene: “Forgotten” Food

Far too many people in the workplace are guilty of leaving an item of food or drink for too long. Whether it be milk, yoghurt, sandwiches, or more, there is always at least one culprit. The office fridge is home to many sins where food and drink have been forgotten. With no one holding up their hands to it, things get worse until there are some serious bacterial issues.

Eating at your Desk

For many businesses, it is better to be busy than bored. When we are busy, it is important to fuel up on a hearty lunch and snacks throughout the day. However, when you or your employees choose to eat at the desk, crumbs and spillages will occur. It’s hardly something you can avoid, but it will affect your office hygiene if you don’t do anything about it. Without the use of a regular office cleaning service, these bits of food are left to encourage bacteria. In the worst cases, they can even attract flies and ants.

Sneezing without a Tissue

There’s a reason why they have those “catch it; kill it; bin it,” advertisements everywhere you go. In an office environment, it is extremely important to use a tissue each time you sneeze. At this time of the year, the office flu presents itself. Whether a few people fall victim to it or there is an entire wipe-out effect, it comes down to the ones who have it first. By missing a tissue when we sneeze, we encourage the spread of flu and bacteria. This is too easy to pass around an office environment. An office cleaning service will slow down and potentially stop the spread. However, the best practice is to catch it the moment you sneeze.

Not Emptying the Office Bins

If your workplace does not have an office cleaning contract, then it’s likely that your employees are responsible for emptying the bin. However, many can be guilty of leaving the mess to pile up. We can also guess that many of your team like to push the contents down as much as possible before someone finally gives in and empties it. No matter the reason, not emptying the office bin is one of the biggest offences of workplace hygiene. If you don’t change the bin on a regular basis, you are creating a home for a growth of bacteria!

Leaving Dirty Dishes in Communal Areas

Like dominoes, it only takes one person to start this bad habit for the rest of the office. One unwashed plate can quickly become a pile, allowing the mess and bacteria to build and spread along the counters until one person is left with the duty of cleaning everything. Add this to the overflowing bins, leaving dirty dishes around is quite a nuisance for any office that doesn’t have a cleaning contract.

You can Change This

An office cleaning contract with Absolutely Gleaming Services ensures a thorough and professional clean for your work environment. Both you and your colleagues will notice what a difference it makes. And we’re not just talking about the cleanliness. You will quickly see a huge boost in office productivity. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today!

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