How to Look After your Office Plants

If you haven’t already noticed, 2018 saw the rise of plants around the home and the office. However, bringing nature into a work environment can come with some drawbacks. In many cases, you may find that after a few weeks of bringing in your leafy friends, you will have to face shedding, drooping and even brown clumps on your lovely office carpets. It’s clear why you should look after your office plants.

Look after your Office Plants

This is an extremely common issue faced by many office plant carers. Rather than brightening up the place, dead plants can leave your office feeling underwhelming and somewhat neglected. So, why should your office bother with implementing plants? If they come with a lot of responsibility, why make any effort? Here, we explain the benefits of having plants in the workplace and how to care for them.

Why should your Office have Plants?

The first reason for having plants in the office is that some studies have suggested that office plants can boost staff productivity! A study of 10 years by Exeter University suggests that office plants in a tidy work environment could boost productivity by 156 per cent. The takeaway? Workers who engage more in their work environment become better team members.

Plants in the office could also help to reduce stress. According to studies by the University of Technology in Sydney, having plants in work can actively reduce our stress levels. What’s more, plants play a huge role in reducing staff absences and sick leave. The 2015 Human Spaces Report found that environments with natural elements increased staff well-being by 15 per cent. The higher your team’s wellbeing, the healthier and happier they’re likely to be.

Taking care of your Office Plants

If you want to introduce plants into your office without the risk of killing them, there are a few things you can do. The first would be to ensure that the plants you choose are easy to care for. Some good plants would be Sansevieria (snake plant), Sedum Morganianum (donkey tails) or even a ZZ plant.

Keep your Plants in One Place

Once you have found the right spot for your plants, we recommend you don’t move them around too much. Our leafy pals take some time to acclimatise to new environments, even if it’s just a little bit more sunshine. So, we recommend keeping them in one spot to help them thrive.

Assign Roles Wisely

To ensure that your office plants are kept in healthy condition, assign responsibility for one plant to each member of staff. Doing so could help to encourage some team competitiveness, as well as have your team engage more with the environment that they are in.

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming Services

Now you know how to care for your plants, it’s time to let the experts take care of everything else. From office cleaning to floor cleaning, we can keep your work environment sparkling, ensuring you have the office to ensure your team and your plants are in the best environment possible. Get in touch to learn more about your services.

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