Splat-free Success! How to get Coffee Stains out of the Office Carpet

Coffee is life, and we all have a personal preference. However, whether you be a flat white comfort drinker or a hardcore espresso “shotter”, coffee can quickly become a pain once you see it come into contact with your creamy office carpets. Not only are they unpleasant to look at, but the smell can also linger for quite some time.

Get coffee stains out of the office carpet

If you have just had an incident with your Americano, it’s likely you’re in desperate need for this guide. Don’t panic, coffee stains are no match for our handy tips. This article is geared towards stains in the office, but it does apply to any old carpet.

Blot the excess

Before you pull out the cleaning products, get on your knees and blot up as much excess liquid as possible. The more you absorb with a kitchen towel, the less there will be to sink down into the carpet. Be sure to only blot and avoid rubbing and scrubbing. This will only push the coffee further down into the carpet material.

Treat the area

Now it’s time to battle it out with the remaining stain. There are many formulas that you could try at this point. A store-bought stain remover is a good option, but there are other DIY options if this isn’t available to you. One tablespoon of washing up liquid, mixed with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and about 500ml of water is a good substitute if you need an alternative option.

Either follow the instructions on your stain remover or apply a little bit of the DIY solution using a clean cloth. Dab at the area and blot with a clean dry towel as you go. If the stain is particularly stubborn, consider applying a paste of baking powder and water. Leave it to dry and then hoover it up later.

Cleanse and dry

Finally, blot the area with cold waters to remove any vinegar scent and/or to remove the last traces of the cleaning product you have used. Once clean, gently dab the area dry with a clean towel or kitchen roll. And voila! A perfectly clean and coffee-free carpet.

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