The Essential Guide to Desk Cleaning

It’s far too easy for our desks to become a cluttered mess of crumbs, coffee stains, post-it notes and more. These messes can really hold back our productivity. What’s more, they can impact how our co-workers and visitors view us, as well as the workplace as a whole. Whether your manager thinks you’re a messy worker or that a client thinks you are inefficient, appearances do matter. So, we have some sits to help keep your desk clear of clutter!

Paper Purge

The first thing you should do is remove as much unnecessary clutter as you can. This means scrap paper, post-it notes, opened envelops, and so on. Anything you no longer need should be either recycled or shredded if it is confidential. Everything else should be organised and placed in a folder or a tray.

Remove the Junk

Whether it be dried up lip balm or a dead desktop plant, it is far too easy to let junk build up on your desk. This makes it look even less tidy, and makes the cleaning process even more difficult. Remove anything that you have not used in the last month, including extra paperclip strings!


Now it’s time for some proper cleaning. Give your desk, unplugged items such as your keyboard and mouse, a good old-fashioned scrub! Be sure to use products that are safe for your electronics or spray the cloth and not the item itself.

Floor Cleaning

If your office does not have a regular cleaning team, the carpets and flooring can get dirty quite quickly. You would be amazed by how much we leave trailing on the floor, staining the grounds of our workstations. Be sure to give your floors a quick clean from time to time to ensure the place looks good as new.

Computer Monitor

If you want to add some extra shine to your desk, why not give your computer screen a good polish? Use a microfibre cloth for the clearest results and there you have it!

Talk to Absolutely Gleaming Services

If you would like your office to stay sparkling with less hassle on your end, then look no further than Absolutely Gleaming Services. We offer a range of commercial cleaning services in Manchester that leave all our client’s spaces absolutely spotless! Get in touch to find out more.

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