The Marie Kondo method: how to create an Office that Sparks Joy

Whether you’re a Netflix Subscriber or not, you will have probably heard the name “Marie Kondo” thrown around a lot recently. Her minimalistic approach to reducing clutter in the home is certainly gaining popularity, especially during spring cleaning season. On her Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, not only does Marie help people organise their home, she follows a specific motto: if an item doesn’t spark joy within you, it’s time to say goodbye! But, why does this motto have to only apply in the home? What about your workspace? How can you apply this motto to your office, where you often see clutter build up directly in front of you? Here, we explain how you can create an office that sparks joy.

Create an office that sparks joy: Moving to the cloud

It is likely that you already use the cloud for some things such as photos, passwords or perhaps collaborative project between co-workers. However, it may be wise to go through the documents that are used on a daily basis, especially any hardcopy files. Will it save time and space to move certain files to the cloud?

Remember to use the same cloud service that is preferred by your company or ask for permission to store specific files in the cloud if necessary. If you do get permission to do this, it will be a wonderful solution for reducing clutter and streamlining your daily tasks.

Newspapers and magazines

Do you love an old-fashioned magazine or newspaper? If so, you may find that you have accidentally crafted a collection. Fortunately, many tablets offer a variety of options that allow you to subscribe to online materials. These offer the same service, without a pile of waste! Apps such as Apple News or Flipboard also allow you to curate your own sources of news from any publication. So, set up a tablet at your workstation and wave goodbye to hardcopy mess.

Scrap paper and Paper files

Now, be honest here: do piles of scrap paper on your desk truly spark joy? Make it a rule to have no papers or files on your desk. If you absolutely need to keep certain pieces of paper, either keep them tucked away in a drawer or add a paper tray. That way, they can stay in one place that is out of the way until you need them.

When it comes to paper files, you can easily reduce the clutter by creating digital copies! Though there may be a couple that you will need to keep in a filing cabinet, many can be scanned into your computer, meaning the paper copies won’t be left lying about.

Personal décor

Now is the time to share a hard truth: Your desk is not the place for personal collectables. Fancy a nice plant to brighten things up? Fine. A photo of your loved ones maybe? Of course. But don’t go overboard. If you are using your desk as a space for collectable items, it’s time to remove them. Though they may seem cute, they can be a pain to dust and can often be a distraction.

Wireless charging pads

Tangled cables can be extremely annoying. If you find that they take away the joy from your desk, consider a wireless charging pad or charging stand. Not only will you same time plugging and unplugging your devices, but it will also create a more open space at your desk!

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