How to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Workplace

If you have been keeping your eye on the news lately, you will have seen a lot about our current environmental situation. Among these stories is the particularly scary news that Earth may be approaching the point “no return”. So, where do we begin with making positive changes? The first thing we can do is reduce our plastic waste. Now, you may already be in a good routine with your plastic waste at home, but what about the office? Could you be doing more to reduce plastic waste in your workplace? Here are some things you should consider.

It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce plastic in the workplace

Whether you are eating locally and seasonally, trying to live zero-waste, or simply cutting back on consumption, there are many ways to reduce your environmental footprint. There are also many regulations and bans in the pipeline at an international and national level. For example, the EU has just backed a wide-reaching ban on single-use plastics. This includes things such as cotton buds and drinking straws.

If you are eager to do your bit to help the environment in the workplace, there are many things you and the rest of your team can do…

Meal-prep is encouraged

If your office team are known for buying food each day from a supermarket, it’s time to put your food down. Encourage meal-prep days where you all make the use of your Tupperware instead of simply going through single-use packaging. You will soon notice the need to take the bins out drop dramatically when the entire team makes an equal effort.

Fewer bins

If your team are following the first step to reducing their food package wastage, you will have less need for bins. We’re not saying to cut them out completely, but by reducing the number of bins you have in the office, the more you can enforce a “less waste” rule and use fewer bin bags in the process!

No more plastic cups and bottles

Wave goodbye to plastic cups by the water cooler and ban the use of plastic water bottles. Instead, invest in glasses and encourage staff to bring their own reusable bottles instead!


Don’t forget, if you do still have plastic bottles sneaking their way into the office, you could turn your office into an Ecobricks station! Even if your team are doing a great job of keeping their plastic in the office to a minimum, an Ecobricks station will still provide a place for them to contribute their own plastics from home.

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