The Shocking Truth About Dirty Office Phones

Look around your office. Looks clean and tidy, right? Look closer. You may think it’s sparkling, but upon close inspection, you may learn just what areas are breeding grounds for bacteria. Germs can creep around in the places you would least expect.

Dirty offices mean dirty office phones

Having an inefficient cleaning regime can negatively affect your business. If you allow germs to build in your office, germs and bacteria can spread pretty quickly, leading to an outbreak of illnesses such as colds and flu. This can mean a drop in staff numbers as many may be forced to call in sick. Therefore, it is best for both your business and your team to keep the office sanitized at all times. And what’s an underestimated harbourer of germs? Your office phone!

Due to the office phone receiving so much physical human interaction throughout the day, it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In fact, according to statistics, the average worker’s hands come into 10 million bacteria each day. Imagine how much of that bacteria comes from your phone!

Bacteria on your office phones

The office phone is contaminated with approximately 25,000 bacteria per square inch. However, office phones are not the only items in the office that are harbouring germs. You will be surprised to hear a few other places that store germs and bacteria. Water coolers, computer keyboards and taps are all areas in the work environment that are vulnerable to high levels of contamination.

Now, we all know you cannot completely stop germs from making their way around a busy office. However, there are things you can do to improve office hygiene and reduce potentially harmful bacteria levels. As an employer, you are responsible for providing your team with a clean working environment and keep them protected from potential illnesses.

Keeping your office clean

The first thing you should do to reduce the growth of germs in the workplace is to ensure that any employees who are unwell stay home. Once a sick employee enters the workroom, everyone is in danger of falling under the same conditions. The absence of one employee is much more beneficial to the office than allowing efficiency levels to drop due to a bug making its way around the building.

Secondly, make it important for everyone in the office to keep their desk phone clean, as well as the general desk area. Make sure everyone has access to cleaning materials so there is no excuse. If costs allow, you may want to consider investing in a phone for each desk. You should also ensure there are signs displayed in the toilets and kitchen areas enforcing the importance of washing your hands.

Call the professionals

Despite these tips to keep your office as germ-free as possible, some employees struggle more than others to comply with doing their bit. This is where a professional cleaning service come in. With a range of cleaning services from Absolutely Gleaming, you can relax knowing your team and business are safe. Get in touch to find out more.

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