Make Your Workplace Healthier with these Hygiene Hacks

No matter what time of year it is, a cold can occur and make its way around the office at a rapid rate. Aside from ensuring your employees steer clear of the building when under the weather, there are many ways you can prevent germs from spreading in the workplace.

Make your workplace healthier

There are many reasons why it’s wise to tackle health and hygiene risks in the workplace. Whether it be to reduce sick leave or ensure the workplace stays as efficient as possible, taking steps to keep your team healthy is worthwhile. What’s more, having your employees realise you care about their health and wellbeing, will likely encourage productivity and engagement.

However, as workplaces become more flexible, practices such as ‘hot-desking’ come with the downside of germs spreading quickly. So, how can you prevent germs from spreading in the workplace?

Hands first

Hands are the biggest source and carrier of germs in almost any human environment. From keyboards to phones, staying on top of the germs our hands come into contact with is essential. However, it is equally important to ensure your employees’ hands are as clean as possible.

Focusing on hand hygiene will help keep your team as healthy as possible. There are many modern pieces of equipment you could bring into the office, from automatic soap dispensers to no-touch taps. At the same time, keeping door handles clean with a regular spray and wipe of antibacterial spray will also make a big difference.

A clean start

While daily professional cleaning can seem like an impractical approach for businesses. However, it is possible for companies to provide businesses with the tools they need to maintain hygiene levels between each professional clean. It’s also important to encourage your staff to clean as they go and wipe down their work areas before they start their day.


Many offices overlook the importance of air quality. In summer, people will likely want the windows open anyway. However, some may not want this, which can create a warm, stuffy environment. Allow time for the air to flow through. However, you may want to consider netting to prevent flies from making their way into the room.

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