Hygiene Myths You Should Stop Believing

Keeping clean and tidy is important for office hygiene. However, there are many myths that people believe when it comes to hygiene, and if you believe them, you could be making some big mistakes!

Common hygiene myths

The report, Too Clean or Not Too Clean? Is a national survey that looks at public understanding and practice of hygiene. It reveals key misconceptions that could increase the risk of germs spreading.

According to the report;

  • 1 in 4 believe hygiene in the home is not important and children need exposure to build their immune system.
  • There is public confusion about the relationship between cleanliness and hygiene.
  • 2 in 5 people believing dirty hands from outdoor play
  • Over a third of the public believe that dirt is usually or always harmful.

We will always advise that you take care with hygiene, especially when in a working environment. Aside from the survey, there are some other myths that some of your co-workers may believe. Therefore, we’re here to set the record straight.

There is No ‘5 Second Rule’

You have likely heard this one before. However, the idea that you have 5 seconds before germs spread onto your dropped food has been disproved numerous times. In recent years, studies have shown that germs and bacteria reach food within a second of them hitting the ground. Therefore, if you do drop any food, it’s best to throw it away.

You can clean yourself with cold water

Research into E.coli bacteria and hand washing have revealed that cold water may be just as good as hot water when it comes to killing off germs. While this study only looks at one particular type of bacteria, it does show that you needn’t worry about temperature when it comes to washing your hands. Use soap and wash for longer, no matter how hot the water may be.

There are fewer germs on toilet seats than you may think

There are many myths surrounding toilets. However, it should help to know that most germs will die fairly soon after hitting the seat. However, bugs can spread after flushing, so it’s important to wash your hands THOROUGHLY after using the toilet.

Antibiotics Can’t Cure Everything

When you are unwell, you may be tempted to ask the doctor to prescribe you with antibiotics. However, these only help with bacterial infections. Viral infections such as the common cold are resistant to this kind of medicine.

Practice Good Hygiene

There is still a lot to learn about germs and hygiene. However, it’s important to follow what you do currently know and practice good hygiene habits to keep yourself and your office in the best shape possible. If you’d like to keep your workplace as hygienic as possible, you may want to consider calling in the professionals. Get in touch with Absolutely Gleaming Services today to see how we can help.

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