Forgotten areas to clean in the office

Getting into a work cleaning habit is easy enough, but there are areas in the office that you may not consider. Certain corners can be overlooked, making them a playground for germs. This week, we shall discuss certain areas of the office to keep clean if you wish to keep your employees safe.

Handles and rails

Handles and rails come into frequent contact with your employee’s hands, which can harbour bacteria, especially if someone is unwell! Therefore, it is essential that these areas are disinfected on a daily basis. They may look clean, but this does not mean to say that they are not carrying harmful bacteria.

Computers and Keyboards

Again, computers and keyboards come into regular contact with the hands of your employees, meaning germs can spread like wildfire. Keyboards, in particular, are a strong environment for bacteria growth, which is why these should also receive a regular clean.

Chairs or bulky furniture

Bulky furniture such as sofas may appear clean upon first glance, but it’s important to pull the cushions off once in a while and clean up anything that has tucked itself away. You must also check underneath for anything that may have been kicked to one side without any notice.

Ceiling fans or light fittings

How often do you look up at your office ceiling fans or light fittings to check how clean they are? If the answer is “not often”, you may want to do so right now! Just because you cannot see the dirt accumulating above the fitting, does not mean it is not there.


Almost everyone in the office is using the microwave, but who is cleaning is? Splashes and spills occur frequently and can become quite unhygienic if left there. Be sure to add this to your regular cleaning schedule.

Ensure your office is clean with cleaning services from Absolutely Gleaming

If you would like the peace of mind that your office is clean and sanitary, then it is highly recommended that you turn to a professional cleaning service. At Absolutely Gleaming, we are thrilled to work with numerous offices around Manchester. Get in touch to find out more about the services we provide.

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