Fighting communal workplace mess

The majority of office spaces these days come with a communal area, typically a kitchen with a space to eat lunch. As a result, one small space will find itself being used numerous times by many individuals. This makes it far too easy for the dirt to pile up, but there are ways to keep things under control. Here is how you can find workplace solutions to cleaning to ensure a happy and hygienic environment!

Write up a policy

Firstly, if you want to improve the cleaning standards in your office communal areas, it is important that you set some clear guidelines to all employees. Here are some typical rules you can put into place for your team to follow:

  • Ensure all rubbish goes in the bin
  • Wipe down the surfaces after each use
  • Keep food sealed in the fridge
  • Remove any food from the fridge that has expired
  • All dishes must be cleaned and dried after use

Though there is usually a standard cleaning regime that everyone should follow, your communal area is your own. You may wish to add or remove particular rules depending on your work environment.

Tell your employees

Once you have put together a hygiene policy, you must then make it known to your employees. The best way to do this is to place a sign somewhere in the communal area that cannot be missed. You may also want to send out a mass email and mark it as important so that everyone will read it.

You may find that some members of your team require encouragement to keep the place clean. If so, it may help to point out the health risks that can come with a dirty work environment.


If you think it will help, you could appoint someone to ensure everyone in the office does their bit to keep the communal area clean. This will allow you to step back and focus on other management responsibilities.


We do hope that your team is mature enough to understand and follow these new rules. We also hope they genuinely want to keep the place clean and tidy. However, it can still help to offer incentives such as buying the best biscuits when they keep the place spotless for a week.

Hire the professionals

Aside from quick cleaning, many employees don’t have time to add an in-depth clean to their to-do list. What’s more, many will argue that it is not a job they were hired to do. This is why you can make things easier by hiring professionals. Hiring a professional cleaning company will allow you to focus more on your business and less on the mess that might be piling up in the communal area. Absolutely Gleaming Services is here to help with workplace solutions to cleaning, which create a healthy work environment for offices and commercial properties within Manchester. To learn more, get in touch.

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