Cleaning the office microwave

Almost every office kitchen in the UK homes a selection of communal office kitchen appliances including a microwave to ensure everyone can enjoy a warming meal come lunch time. From soups to leftovers, nothing can get you through the day better than a cosy warm meal. But what comes afterwards is lingering smells and, more often than not, stains and splatters in the microwave walls. This is why cleaning the office microwave should play a crucial role in your regular cleaning duties.

Cleaning the office microwave – maintenance is key

One thing you can do to keep the office kitchen appliances in good condition is to clean them. A way to keep the microwave clean is to make sure everyone wipes down any spills right away. It may help to leave a polite reminder by the microwave to ensure they don’t forget. It also helps to keep food covered in the microwave to ensure there are no splatters when things get too hot.


Aside from large spills that occur on impact, it can be easy to overlook small splashes that can build up over time. Adding the turntable to the weekly cleaning rota will remove these marks, keeping it fresh and clean!

Outside the microwave

A part of the microwave that is often overlooked when it comes to the cleaning regime is the outside. You may simply not notice as you will be focusing more on the timer and the food inside, but the external walls of the microwave also require attention. Make sure this is added to the regular cleaning rota, and don’t forget the handle! Germs spread quickly through touch and the handle will have many hands on it throughout a single day. Keep this wiped down to ensure a healthy work environment.

Hire the experts

Of course, cleanliness and hygiene are often areas such as the office kitchen appliances in the workplace that your team will want to spend less time focusing on. In this case, Absolutely Gleaming Services will be more than happy to provide you with a sparkling work environment that can benefit your workplace in numerous ways. Get in touch to find out more.

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