Keep the office clean after the Christmas Party

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Leftover drinks and streamers? Christmas is a wonderful time for celebrations, but the office Christmas party can create quite a mess. Trying to keep the office clean is already tricky. Luckily, Absolutely Gleaming Services is here to make sure no crumb is left behind after your Christmas do!

Plan ahead

Planning in advance is essential if you want the clean-up to go smoothly. Things such as placing bins at convenient, but discreet areas throughout the room for waste will allow you to simply throw in a few missed items and wipe everything down to keep the office clean, quickly!


Speaking of bins, it may be useful to split them into designated recycling points to ensure the glass, cans and paper are disposed of appropriately! This will cut back cleaning time and ensure that you aren’t faced with any potential recycling fines.

Spills and splashes

The thing to remember about any party is that spills are likely to occur, which is why it is important that you deal with them straight away. Whether it be a drink or dropped food, don’t leave it until the party is over as this will set stains.

Instead, make sure you have the required cleaning products in place to handle the mess as soon as possible. Dark drinks such as red wine or coke can be easily lifted from the carpet using fizzy water or lemonade. As for food, be sure to remove as much as possible and dab at the carpet with soapy water. Do not scrub the carpet as this will likely spread the stain.

Empty bins

When the party comes to an end and the bins have been filled, empty them! You don’t want to leave it until the new year to discover no one took responsibility and then have the office smelling… well, far from fresh. What’s more, this is more than enough time for germs to make their way around the room, leaving your employees vulnerable to illness upon their return.

Disinfect all surfaces

Now you have cleared the surfaces, it is time to implement a deep clean to ensure the office is back to normal. Have disinfecting cleaning products at the ready so that you can give everything a thorough spray and wipe.

Air fresheners

Even when you have finished cleaning, the smells may still linger slightly. To combat this, place air fresheners around the office to eliminate remaining odours and leave the office smelling crisp!

Take Down Christmas decorations

Now would also be the best time to remove the Christmas decorations. Though you may look at them and think “it can wait until we’re back”, you may feel less enthused to do so upon your return. We recommend removing them once the party is over and packing them away neatly for next year.

Thorough vacuum

Once everything is clean, tidy and tucked away, a thorough vacuum is required to ensure all leftover dirt and debris is picked up, leaving your carpets clean! And don’t forget about the sofas and upholstery in the office!

Office party clean up too much to handle? Get in touch with Absolutely Gleaming Services and get your office up to standard again.

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