Scents for boosting office productivity

When it comes to boosting office productivity, it is unlikely of you to think about aromatherapy. However, scents can certainly change the atmosphere in the workplace! So, as well as how a clean office can boost productivity, what are the best scents for boosting office productivity?


Lemon scents can help enhance concentration levels in the workplace. In fact, a study by Takasago Corporation found that 54 per cent of typists made fewer mistakes when they could smell lemon. The fresh aroma may also give your business a sense of freshness and vibrancy and that is how a clean office can boost productivity and smell great.


The smell of fresh coffee can do wonders for productivity. In 2018, the Journal of Environmental Psychology published a study found that coffee-related scents helped to improve performance on an analytical reading task. What’s more, it primed those who took part to expect higher performance, as well as alertness from themselves and their colleagues.


If you’re not a fan of lemon and coffee, Jasmine is another option you may wish to consider. The scent has been known to help reduce the feeling of drowsiness. At the same time, it helps to boost feelings of activeness and freshness. A combination of both of these feeling can really improve workplace productivity!


Lavender is a great scent for days where the office may feel somewhat stressful. It has calming properties that are perfect for helping the team unwind, particularly at the end of a busy day.


Finally, we recommend peppermint for those days where brainstorming is an absolute must. This fresh scent is perfect for boosting concentration levels and encouraging clear thinking.

Give your office fresh a fresh clean scent with the perfect cleaning service

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