Office Hygiene Etiquette: how to Wash your Hands

Knowing how to wash your hands as part of the office hygiene etiquette is a crucial step towards the prevention of germ-spreading throughout the workplace. You can pass on almost any illness through touch alone, especially if you don’t wash your hands properly with soap and clean water. From door handles to desks, it is easy for anyone to transmit germs to their colleagues, which could then lead to sickness.

How to wash your hands

Through good handwashing practice, you and your team can drastically reduce the risk of germs spreading throughout the workplace and increase good office hygiene etiquette. At Absolutely Gleaming Services, we are proud to offer our inside knowledge to keep your workplace as sanitary as possible. Therefore, we have this guide to efficient and effective hand washing!

  1. Wet your hands under clean water.
  2. Add soap and begin to lather your hands.
  3. Make sure that the lather spreads all over your hands, including in between your fingers and your wrists.
  4. You should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds – a tip you could use is to sing the happy birthday song twice over (in your head or out loud, that’s your choice).
  5. Make sure you scrub your fingertips and cuticles, as well as the creases of your thumbs – the best way to clean your nails is to push them into your palms.
  6. Rinse well under clean water
  7. Dry on a clean towel or air dryer – make sure they are COMPLETELY dry
  8. Use a towel to switch off the tap
  9. Sensible dispose of the paper towel, preferably by recycling.

Should I use hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is a great additional step but should never be used as a way to replace good hand washing. Though it does kill most germs, it will not kill them all.

If you would like to use hand sanitiser after washing your hands, add a good squirt into one palm, rub your hands together and spread over your hands, fingers and nails until dry.

Keep a sanitary office with excellent services from Absolutely Gleaming

Though we cannot make your entire team stick to the best handwashing practices, we can be there for everything else. For the best cleaning services in Manchester, get in touch with Absolutely Gleaming today.

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