How to Remove Graffiti

how to remove vandalism paint

Knowing how to remove vandalism paint is not always as simple as it looks. If your business premises has fallen victim to vandalism, the first thing you should do to remove graffiti is to act fast. Once discovered, you should really remove the problem within the first 48 hours. This will also show the culprits that you will not tolerate their actions and that their efforts to continue will be a waste.

So, if you would like help with how to remove vandalism paint, keep reading!

How to remove graffiti from brickwork and concrete

Brickwork and concrete surfaces are often an ideal spot for graffiti artists as they provide a blank canvas for them to work with. Removing it can be difficult, as you don’t want to risk damaging the surface, particularly on older structures. Doing so can create further problems down the line. Though it may be tempting to choose chemicals and paint thinners, this can just spread the graffiti. However, porous unpainted surfaces usually require pressure washing.

A jet washer at around 3000psi with a wide top will help remove the graffiti all over without causing damage. Work from the outside in the avoid spreading the paint to clean areas. You can also use baking soda-based products or acetone to help restore large areas.

If the graffiti is still quite engrained into the surface, you could try sandblasting the wall instead. However, be sure to keep moving the tips over the graffiti without stopping to avoid any permanent markings. It might be best to hire a professional for this.

Last resort? Paint over it or hire an expert graffiti removal team.

Remove graffiti from woodwork

If you are dealing with graffiti on new fencing that has no signs of weathering, try wiping the surface with some white spirit or acetone to thin the paint. However, if there are signed of weathering, this will only help the spray paints absorb further into the wood. Instead, use a het pressure washer, working outside in. If this fails, you may have to paint over it,

Remove graffiti from metal

In some cases, you may find graffiti on metal surfaces such as roller shutters. As a non-porous material, this is probably the easiest to clean up. A spirit-based thinner, such as acetone or WD40 can be added and wiped rigorously on the surface to remove the issue. But if you find there are still some slight markings, steel wool or very light sandpaper could remove it.

Removing from plastic

Plastic often bonds well with spray paint, even those that are solvent based! Therefore, removal should be an easier process. Be sure to avoid spirit-based thinners or chemicals as they can react with the plastic, leaving a soft, cloudy finish that you cannot repair.

Instead, opt for a light acetone or nail varnish remover to remove the paint. If this doesn’t work, a fine steel wool gently rubbed onto the surface will remove the paint. Make sure you don’t use sandpaper, however, as it can scratch the surface.

Tried everything?

If nothing we have recommended works, there are two final things you can do:

  • Paint over the surface with several coats – though this can be time-consuming
  • Hire an expert

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