Office Clean Following Lockdown

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With the second National lockdown coming to an end and tougher tier restrictions coming into play, you may be bringing back a reduced workforce to the office as a necessity whilst other employees work from home. Office cleaning in Manchester is in great demand and Absolutely Gleaming Services always have the right cleaning solutions.

There may be a good chance that the office has not been in use for the last 4-5 weeks due to the second lockdown and now you are returning in the run-up to Christmas. You may feel that as nobody has been in there it does not need a freshen up clean, to which you would be wrong.

As with everyone this year, the need to keep on top of cleanliness personally and professionally is paramount in combating the spread of the Coronavirus and enabling a safe working environment.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Many surfaces within your workplace can give off the impression of being pristine clean but have unseen unhygienic forces at work.

Cleaning your desks and worktops will remove the dirt and germs from the surface that you can see, but only disinfecting it kills the unseen germs that also pose a risk. Disinfecting the areas play a bigger hand in decreasing the spread of the virus which will require specialist solutions and chemicals being used by way of commercial cleaning Manchester.

In truth, you never know what access has been granted to your office or workspace, potentially for IT companies or repairs. Even one of your employees prior to the last day you were in the office could have been a carrier of the virus and it has been laying over parts of your office whilst you have been away.

Commonly Touched Areas

The infection has been commonly known to spread via touch and with something as simple as not washing your hands for a long enough period you cannot be sure that any area is fully 100% safe.

Whilst more stringent measures are taking place to ensure employees properly wash their hands for the required amount of time, it is equally important to fully disinfect all workspace areas, handles and toilets on a daily basis. Everything from screens, phones, mouses and keyboards will require special attentive measures to make safe.

Calling on Experts

Not everyone has the time to rush through their entire business and clean every section, and some who work in an office block or building may not feel the safety of a buildings contracted cleaning company going through every office as well as their own.

At Absolutely Gleaming Services, the premier cleaning company Stockport, we provide advanced cleaning solutions and office cleaning in Manchester during uncertain times, from regular cleans to emergency situations where a deep clean is required. By undertaking a wide array of expert cleaning techniques and measures, we ensure that any and every workspace is given meticulous attention to cleaning detail, whether it be washroom cleaning to locker room deep clean situations.

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