Providing Higher levels of Cleanliness in Your Factory

how to clean a factory

If you run a major factory operation then you will already know how vital it is in having high levels of cleanliness not just for the overall health and safety of the workplace, but also in the full protection of the products passing through. But knowing how to clean a factory efficiently can be a difficult question.

Health and Safety

Statistics when it comes to factory operations highlight that an average of 20 workers suffers fatal workplace accidents each year. When it comes to major injuries that figure rises towards more than 3000 and injuries preventing workers from continuing work is sitting around 4000.

Health and safety inspections are therefore carried out at regular intervals to determine the safety and cleanliness of the premises of any business. Naturally failing to meet the precaution guidelines set in place by the government can result in fines and losses of business and, in the worst-case scenario, employee fatality. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that a business rises to the requirements by implementing commercial cleaning in Manchester.

Build Up

The safety and productivity of all businesses can be seriously affected due to dirt and grime building up over time. This is not only present on the floors of a building but also in high up places.

In order to meet inspection standards, it would require deep and regular cleaning not necessarily done by employees. In the case of a factory setting, it is much more productive to hire a cleaning company in Stockport that will have higher levels of experience in cleaning this particular area of industry.

Whilst looking to clean every machine on a daily basis is a counterproductive and unrealistic approach, handling the finer details of the clean should be done on a more monthly basis depending on the products that are being handled. Doing a more regular clean on a daily basis focuses on the main health and safety concerns. This means workstations, waste, communal areas and washroom cleaning are part of the daily cleaning activities to keep the workplace pristine and reduce the risk of employee sickness.


When you don’t have a professional cleaning company, you probably don’t have a dedicated schedule for cleaning operations.

For one it is not the main driver of your business day today, it is something that has to take time away from an employee to do. If it is an end of the day item, chances are the employee is rushing to do it just to get out on time. This means that the cleaning is not being done to the right standard. Commercial cleaning Manchester provides greater peace of mind that the job is being done to the standard that will not inflict your business with sick days, fines or sanctions for not meeting the quality expected in Health and Safety.

For more information on how to clean a factory to the best possible standard using a commercial cleaning company, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services.

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