Are My Contract Cleaners Getting the Core Areas Cleaned Right?

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Your cleaners do a lot of work, ensuring that workspaces and office interiors are done to a satisfactory and acceptable standard, but could you be getting a better service from a team of Manchester commercial cleaners?

No doubt the toilets, bins, telephones and keyboards are a big part of everyday office life that see the maximum amount of attention from physical contact, but what about those areas that you may not think about that may not be getting the right amount of attention to cleaning detail. In this case, it is your doors.

Bacteria Build Up

How many people on a daily basis use your company’s doors? The answer is everybody.

Depending on if you are in retail or see a lot of clients in a day, that means you could have 100 different sets of hands opening the doors all day long. Every employee has their own workspace and items on their desks, but everyone generally only has one door to open shared by everyone else. Whilst fingerprints are not showcased very well, the dirt tends to build and build especially around the door handles. Being prone to larger built-up bacteria, handles on doors open up the larger potential to viruses.

Doors need to be a priority in this regard to greatly reduce illness and contamination to staff and visitors.

Keeping Stocked Up

If you are a business that now operates with sanitiser stations upon entrance, it is important that you constantly keep these items fully stocked up and never run out.

It is also important to ensure that any bins in the area where people have maybe used wipes etc to be emptied daily. Although these bins may be located outside the premises or in a lobby area, they need to be cleaned out daily and not left to fester any germs.

Above Ledges

Above your door frames and around windows can pick up a lot of dust which leads to a lot of germs and microbes.

These areas can sometimes be left uncleaned by a regular cleaning service who may not be able to effectively reach the lofty areas within the office. By having an office deep clean on a regular basis you can prevent the buildup of germs and bacteria to a greater degree.

If you are requiring further services to your current cleaning requirements for your business, you may need to find a cleaning company Stockport that specialises in all facets of office cleaning in Manchester.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for the deepest commercial cleaning from Manchester commercial cleaners.

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