Preparing for a Sense of Normality

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No matter what kind of industry you operate within, we have all had to embrace new ways of operating and take hygiene more seriously than ever. We have possibly spent more time informing our customers of how the pandemic has affected our business than telling them why offices looking for a cleaning company should choose us.

Now, with vaccines and a roadmap to getting back to normal hanging in the air, we now look at what it takes to get back to working how we used to. That means that we can get the shops and stores open that have not been able to operate as they once did.

As we re-launch our businesses to the public and full staff, here are some helpful tips in order to ensure a safe reopen.

Ensure Social Distancing Measures

As lockdown ends we still understand that social distancing will be around for a longer-term.

With the reopening of your workplace, you need to take precautions that guidelines are still enforced because people will always find an excuse to break them or not take adequate precautions. Clearly signposting that the actions are to be adhered to is one thing to undertake, but also layering down markers on workflow areas so people don’t find themselves clashing during working.

Sometimes you just have to spell things out for people.

Ensure Everyday Cleaning Is a Priority

Your staff and guests need to see for themselves that they are in a safe environment where extra measures have been taken to provide a clean atmosphere.

In hiring a cleaning company in Manchester you need to be sure that they are professional and cover the full extent of office cleaning in  Manchester. There is a multitude of extra cleaning areas that may not spring to mind when getting your workplace compliant with new post-covid guidelines, and a full cleaning and disinfecting of your office or building is now a regular necessity.

Make sure that the company takes on washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport in order to have everything undertaken by just one company.

Ensure Safe Face to Face with Customers

If your business has not been open during a majority of the lockdown and this is your first time allowing clients and customers to meet in the venue, it is imperative that you undertake two options.

One is to make sure that glass partitions separate you for the time being and that everyone wears a mask. Providing a hand sanitiser station at the front of the property also provides a clear message that yours is a company that operates under caution and customer care.

Be sure to email all your clients when reopening to make them aware of the safety measures that are in place upon your business reopening and express why your business needs them to undertake them in order to continue a safe work environment.

For the best in commercial cleaning in Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services in preparation for your business getting back up and running by helping offices looking for a cleaning company.

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