How Do You Know Your Staff Are Happy in Their Environment?

clean work environment

The biggest boat that a company director can have is that their workforce loves their jobs and give their all for the business and are rewarded for their efforts. We think having a clean work environment will help achieve this.

However, some bosses think that a regular bonus and acceptable working hours are enough to keep their workers smiling all day long. Other areas sustain the happiness of employees and they do not always feel comfortable bringing them to the higher-ups attention; they would rather complain about it amongst themselves. This naturally brings about a sense of dissatisfaction in the workplace and a growing sense of us versus them in due course.

One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to employee happiness is having a clean environment for them to work within, and it drives your business much more than you would realise.


We have all seen those instances where one worker has gotten so fired up he has lashed out during a tantrum that they are overstocked or having to work around areas that are getting out of control for space. This employee is not alone, as they only feel comfortable saying it because others feel it also.

This can come from not being able to find important files or records, or even stock that has been dumped somewhere other than it should because of its original area being cluttered. If this instance is happening to your business right now, then you have fallen victim to your own worse failing – not looking after your employee’s workspace.

When employees cannot find a product, they will tend to leave it which then affects their efficiency and ability to work faster. Making sure that the workstations are clean and all waste paper and products are cleared away sure goes a long way to cleaning up that impending turmoil.

Negative Feeling

A negative thought space provides a negative impact. Unfortunately, many little areas can become a very big problem very quickly on your employee happiness.

We all know that one employee who microwaves fish at lunchtime. We all know that the bathrooms sometimes get a little messy after use and we all know that employees feel they are not paid to be a cleaner at the end of the day. When uncleanliness in these areas starts to manifest without due care, the focus on your employees suddenly shifts into negative headspace – then the job becomes a chore to sit through every day.

The best way to combat the unhappiness of your workforce is to invest in their happiness by the use of professional service in office cleaning Manchester. Employees will feel that the extra investment into providing them with space and environment to successfully achieve their daily goals, and provide satisfactory washroom cleaning and decluttered areas so they don’t feel they are taken advantage of in having to do it at the end of their busy working day.

For a happy environment on top of a clean one, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today

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