Commercial Cleaning is Not an Employee Job

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Never in the history of business operation has a regular office worker been happy with having to take a turn in cleaning the office at the end of the day – It is not what they are contracted for and there is a fine chance they let it be known at every opportunity. So how do you ensure you have a clean workspace?

This showcases that you consider the cleanliness of the office to be the last thing of consideration by just throwing responsibility on top of any employee. It either shows that you don’t care about how the business looks, or how happy the employees are or even that your business is not operating well enough to afford a professional cleaner.

In either scenario, it is not the message you want to be sending out to everyone.

Whilst keeping their workspaces clean is an acceptable responsibility of an employee, larger-scale commercial cleaning Manchester needs to be taken on board.

Risks of Employees Doing the Work

Whilst you may feel it saves a penny here and there and is convenient for your business books, using your existing employees poses a fair amount of risks to make it a bad idea.

Regular employees lack the experience in ensuring a workplace is properly sanitised and at acceptable levels of hygiene. An employee will know of the health and safety guidelines set out by HSE as well the requirements for special equipment and chemicals to be used, especially during post-COVID hygiene, which makes it a huge risk for businesses.


As mentioned earlier, employees come to work to do their job which can provide stress if they fall behind. Adding something extra on top that they don’t feel is a part of their job description generally increases dissatisfaction with their job, meaning your employee turnover can be a revolving door within a year due to unhappiness in the role.

Your workplace needs to employ positivity for workers to get the most out of their day to day activities, which is why this should be the job of a cleaning company Stockport.


When an employee clocks off for the day, they don’t want to hang around. They want to be gone and get home, beating traffic or the commute.

If you are expecting them to clean up at the end of the day then either you are hitting resistance from them, or your productivity on the job is affected by them taking the time out of their duties.

This also affects their motivation to hit their targets if they know they will have reduced time to hit them due to a cleaning rota being in effect.

When it comes to keeping your business tidy and hygienic, you should keep your employees doing their job and take on the professionals when it comes to ensuring a clean workspace. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services Today.

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