Hot Seasons Call for More Thorough Cleaning

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Whilst many businesses tend to see their fair share of sick days in the winter months, the summer months pose even more threats from office environments that are not disinfected and cleaned properly. Extra consideration has to be taken when it comes to the warmer months to protect your employee wellbeing, as most people hate the thought of being cooped up in a cramped office with soaring temperatures outside in the first place. Hiring a company that offers commercial deep cleaning services will bring you more peace of mind, as they will be able to stay on top of your office cleanliness to prevent germs and any unpleasant aromas throughout the hot months.

Properly Disinfected Surfaces

The most important area to focus on in keeping employees healthy during the warm months is to properly disinfect common surfaces within the office.

Many hazards can be presented from harbouring germs around phones, tables, shared microwaves and fridges as well as the kitchen sink. Ensuring these spaces are cleaned to a much higher standard on days where heat can see a rise in office germs is a job for a specialist in office cleaning Manchester.

By ensuring these areas get the extra attention, you are more likely to see a reduction in employee sick days.

Extra Floor Attention

Whilst you may not take much notice of it, carpets tend to hold allergens and other compounds that can affect employee health.

Having your carpets vacuumed with an industrial-strength hoover regularly, as well as given a deep clean with an appropriate shampoo agent ensures that excellent hygiene and aroma is present within the office at all times. A professional cleaning company Stockport comes equipped with all of the speciality chemicals and equipment to ensure carpets stay healthy all year round.

Remove Rubbish Quicker

In the hot months, kitchen and office garbage will tend to smell much worse much more quickly. This does not make for a good work environment and also towards employee health.

Be sure that any rubbish is disposed of at the end of each day so that it does not build up an unpleasant aroma throughout the evening as the sun cools and when the sun rises the next morning. Especially do not leave any rubbish present over a weekend, as your Monday morning will certainly not be a welcoming one.

Extra Cleanliness in the Washroom

Your office restroom is going to be the one room presenting the worst in the hot months. All kinds of germs fester in the washroom as the ideal breeding ground ready to make your workers ill.

Hiring a specialist in washroom cleaning provides more peace of mind that these germs are eliminated from a deep clean with speciality chemicals not available on shop shelves. By eliminating bacteria and germs throughout this highly vulnerable area, your employees will be feeling refreshed and not in need of recovery time.

For all your commercial deep cleaning services, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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