Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company

questions to ask a commercial cleaning company

As a business owner you have plenty of tasks daily that keep you on your toes and walking a razor edge, and cleaning your office is not of prime importance to yourself – but it is to everyone else. Like many business owners, you are circling hiring a company that specialises in commercial cleaning Manchester. To be sure that you are getting the level of service your business demands, you maybe wondering what questions to ask a commercial cleaning company in order to get the answers you will need to make your decision if they are suitable for the contract.

How Long Have They Been in Operation and What Clients?

It is best to understand exactly how long this cleaning company has been operating. If they are a relatively new outfit they may not have the relative experience, whereas if the company is long-standing it does state more reliable service.

On top of being a long-standing service, they will have their routines down to perfection with a large variety of businesses, meaning they won’t be presenting any problems. If they have experience in working with companies similar to yours, they will know what to look out for and provide a higher sense of satisfaction in any job.

Are Their Employees Checked and Trained?

Every cleaning company does background checks on their employees to prevent any employees with a criminal history or large drug use. Naturally, any business wanting a cleaning company wants to feel secure that their premises are safe. The cleaning company will be in the business of building an experienced and trustworthy team and should be able to reassure any business they work with that their employees are professional.

All staff members working for a cleaning company will have been specifically trained to handle any chemicals or specialist cleaning products to make your business 100% clean.

Are They Insured?

Make sure that any cleaning company Stockport has insurance cover, as most professional cleaning companies have coverage in case any unexpected damage occurs to your property.

Hiring a cheap two-man service may save a few pounds here and there but could potentially leave you out of pocket, whereas any damage to your business, be it carpets, computers or other office furniture or fittings, done by an insured service will not leave you out of pocket.

Feeling safe with Professionals

By preparing questions to ask a commercial cleaning company before hiring a them for office cleaning Manchester, you are ensuring satisfaction is met, with peace of mind as well as office cleanliness.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a trustworthy, dedicated and professional office cleaning service.

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