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Whilst everything may currently feel like business as usual, it is important to keep a clean office. There are several steps that businesses can take to ensure that the threat of returning virus conditions will not scupper the track the business has put itself on to operate in the new normal.

Whilst many businesses will adopt the social distancing rule and feel that is the most suitable method, it could still be passed on to other employees if they come into contact with areas used by people who may have early symptoms. PPE is the next preferred option, but that will not always be suitable for the everyday office environment where a lot of shared space is necessary.

Your business needs a suitable level of regular cleaning and routines of disinfection in place to provide the right amount of security.

The Difference

Whilst some may not understand the difference, cleaning and disinfecting are two separate things.

Cleaning is the removal of dirt and impurities from all surface areas. What you need to know is this is more for appearance and does not kill germs, more decreases them. This reduces the risk of infection but does not eliminate it.

Disinfecting the area is where the killing of germs is done via the use of chemicals. This does not clean the surface visually, but it ensures the gems are dead on the surface ready for cleaning.

Naturally, the best way to work is by combining both cleaning and disinfecting to get full protection.

Perform Regular Tests and Check-Ins

If an employee feels unwell or a bit off in the morning, they should do a test at home and let management know – however, relying on employees who may feel sick pay is not enough to be responsible may be a costly exercise.

You must keep all employees updated on guidelines and ensure that they understand the risk they pose to other employees by skirting the issue. By drawing a bottom line under employee health risk and having your staff understand that if they feel ill they need to stay at home, and you can perform check-ins with them to see how they are coping. If needs be, their work can be performed from home-based work in some cases until they are cleared to return.

In the meantime, be sure to keep a clean office by having your employees their workstations thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a professional cleaning company Stockport, as well as surrounding areas and areas that they will have used from the washroom to kitchen area.

By providing professional care in the workplace cleanliness, you can keep your business thriving, your staff secure and your risks low. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for the very best in office cleaning Manchester.

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