Presenting a Safe Work Environment

safe working environment

Now that working from home is no longer a legal requirement, more and more employees are ready to return to the office after a year in most cases. However, the feeling towards returning to the workplace may be trepidation at best. Especially when it comes to having a safe working environment after the pandemic.

Even though some employers are adopting the more hybrid approach to working, many employees are wanting to return to the office or work environment to get a sense of freedom away from the home. However, with infection rates still rising, many may be extremely anxious about returning to the office at this time.

The one thing they need to know is that the workplace is safe for them to confidently do their work. Being able to protect them from Covid-19, common colds and illness through a little extra care and consideration go a long way to say welcome back to your staff.


Around 69% of adults worry over the effects of the virus on their lives, so to be sure that those members of your staff are provided with a safe environment, you can provide a detailed view of how their workspace has changed to provide a safer working space.

The advent of work-related stress, depression and anxiety is at an all-time due to this past year. Putting together an employee wellbeing programme where employees feel comfortable communicating their doubts, worries and fears in an open environment provides a foundation of support that makes your employees feel more relaxed and welcome back to the office environment.

Thorough Cleaning

One of the best ways to reassure staff that they can feel safe is to employ outsourced office cleaning Manchester.

By presenting higher levels of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, you help to stop any possible viral transmission and the festering of germs in corners or hard to identify areas. Deep cleans can be a regular rotation where everything from light switches, office equipment, carpets and furniture can be thoroughly cleaned and satisfactory.

By outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company Stockport, your staff will feel safer due to the professional nature of the work being undertaken. It also saves on time and costs for the company in the long run so the focus can be on transforming the company ahead to how it will need to operate.

Minimise Contact

For some office and workplace environments, it would be more suited to separate entrances and exits to reduce the amount of contact between employees. Social distancing will remain with us for a while, especially psychologically.

Provide guidelines and training for your staff so that everyone is aware of the comfort of others in keeping a safe distance.

For those seeking outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a safe working environment to return to.

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