Being Flexible with Your Office Cleaning

office cleaning schedule

When you hire an outsourced service for your office cleaning Manchester, you stand to gain from a variety of benefits for your business and the flexibility of the office cleaning schedule you go with.

Among the chief benefits are reducing your maintenance costs, having a cleaner workplace and providing a much safer environment for your staff – however you also stand to have some lesser-known benefits on top.

Lesser-Known Benefits

For starters, there comes a calmer work environment with decreased clutter – with decreased levels of stress within the workplace.

With a focus on providing a cleaner, more enjoyable workplace you retain your employees through them being happy whilst also greatly reducing sick days. Viral particles and bacteria are known to survive for several days on surfaces such as desks and light switches, as well as keyboards. By ensuring these areas are cleaned using professional cleaning chemicals regularly, sickness levels are greatly reduced also.

This helps to boost your employee morale and make them feel like their interests and safety are a top priority in the company, leading to them being more invested in its success. Adding to the benefits is the fact that you cut down on your storage space by not having to stock in house cleaning materials, equipment and manpower. Items like mops and buckets need to be thoroughly cleaned after regular use, which is someone’s time being used upon a dirty job they won’t be happy doing.

Flexible Working Plan

When you hire a cleaning company Stockport to take care of your office environment, you are building a relationship that puts your business needs first, which is why most cleaning companies have a flexible office cleaning schedule.

A contract to undertake the cleaning has to be at the client’s acceptable work schedule so as not to disrupt the employee’s workflow. Many choose to have their cleaning crews come in after the working day or utilise them over a weekend so that the staff are greeted with a fresh clean workplace Monday morning.

It tends to be convenient when it is undertaken, and suitable for the company budget. Not every company wants a deep clean every single week or can budget to meet that. Many companies shape a plan around their budget to get the best results.

Some businesses opt towards a twice-weekly clean or a regular daily clean for traffic-heavy offices and an occasional deep clean for really fine detail. Finding a company that offers flexibility in how they work towards you is the sure-fire way to be satisfied with your working relationship with your cleaning company.

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