What is Commercial Cleaning?

commercial cleaning

Do you know the difference between how your business would require certain types of commercial cleaning, and why each type is different?

It may seem pretty obvious to you which type is the most preferred, but some areas can seriously be overlooked and require more care than you initially envision. This is why it is always good practice to consult with a professional cleaning company Stockport to get the right attention your business requires.

The most common cleaning contracts fall under 3 categories – Domestic, Commercial and Office.


A domestic clean is a cleaning contract aimed at the home or rented property. This focuses on common household tasks such as kitchen cleaning, dusting and vacuuming and bathroom cleaning.

If you have a home office with the new home working model, a domestic cleaning contract can still apply to you. With many people having extensions built or outside buildings to separate work from home life, a cleaner can be employed to keep the office space tidy and sanitised as much as your home also.


Commercial cleaning encompasses the cleaning of any kind of business premises – like factories or warehouses to retail outlets and retirement homes.

Requiring a range of specialist equipment such as floor buffers and industrial cleaning tools, commercial cleaning is not just limited to huge industrial areas such as loading bays and distribution outlets – but also medical practices, nightclubs and bars fall into this category. Due to the large amounts of people who can not be calculated on a day to day basis within these areas, a larger clean is required – such as a deep clean. This ensures that the area remains clean, hygienic and fresh in the face of large amounts of foot traffic.


Office cleaning is a specialised area of commercial cleaning.

Needing a more versatile and specialist approach to cleaning due to the number of people who occupy the space daily, the cleaning of these areas can be very complex. There are delicate areas such as electronics and server rooms, kitchens and washroom cleaning, lifts, stairwells and multiple surface and fittings that need extra attention.

This also sometimes has to be done not disruptive to the workflow of employees and can be sometimes applied after work hours or over weekends. The foot traffic volume has a hard effect on office carpets that make them look tired and dirty over time, and this requires specialised carpet cleaning to bring them back to life and smelling fresh.

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