Forgotten Areas of the Office in Regular Cleaning

office cleaning duties

When you ask an employee to undertake the office cleaning duties in a small office environment, you may think you are cutting down on costs but in reality, you are cutting down on effort levels and experience – which ultimately means you are cutting down on your cleanliness.

Whilst they may clean the dishes, quickly vacuum and wipe off a desk here and there, it is not what they ideally want to be doing at the end of the day – and that leads to a combination of resentment and cutting corners to finish as soon as possible.

Even with their efforts at maximum, they will miss the areas that will be on a professional cleaning company Stockport list. They will be especially noticeable when you come to move out into another office.

Simply ignoring these areas and hoping o one notices is where your biggest breeding grounds for germs start to take hold.


Emptying the bins and putting in a fresh bin liner is one thing, but how many people would clean underneath and around the area of the bin.

From staining tea bags to fruit peels and crumbs, the floor underneath and around the bin seems not as much a priority as putting that fresh liner in the bin. Many employees feel that the job is done once the rubbish is emptied and the bag replaced. What about the wall behind the bin? No doubt that has experienced drips and stains from food being tossed in with gay abandon.

Fittings and Extras

Light switches and lift buttons can build up a lot of grime within a single day if overlooked. Everyone presses them at numerous points in the day, but when is the last time you saw an employee clean them?

Seeing grubby fingerprints and dust on top of your light switches is one thing, but what about buttons on items like copiers and keyboards – they see even more interaction and little in the thought of cleaning. Another example is your office fire extinguisher which is destined to collect large amounts of dust to being forgotten about.


Keeping your office blinds clean can be a major chore that is the first to be ignored by a regular employee – which then starts to get sticky and require a deep clean later on.

Professional services in office cleaning Manchester have the experience to clean many different types of office blinds and the equipment to clean all of the above areas the right way the first time.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to undertake your office cleaning duties.

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