Different Types of Cleaning Services

different types of cleaning services

If you are planning on hiring an outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester company, you should understand the different types of cleaning services – standard cleaning and deep cleaning.

There are different types of cleaning required and they are not exactly alike. A professional cleaning company Stockport helps you to understand both kinds of maintenance by providing you with a detailed outline of how they work and the level of cleaning they provide.

Standard Cleaning

Standard cleaning within the workplace consists of simple cleaning tasks that can be completed weekly. These services are generally cheaper than a more thorough cleaning, and consists of vacuuming and cleaning around surfaces and washrooms.

Scheduling of this activity can be once or twice a week to at the end of every day, depending on the needs and how many people occupy the environment daily. As an example, a school may need a regular daily cleaner due to the number of people occupying the space throughout the week, or it can be done over a weekend when no students or staff are in attendance.

Depending on the timeframe and schedule, standard cleaning and deep cleaning have very similar levels of cleaning, with deep being a more detailed and extreme level. Standard cleaning focuses more on surface wipe downs – including lighting fixtures, window cleaning and appliances. This also includes washroom cleaning and the removal of any bacteria from moisture build-up.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning applies a more attentive level of cleaning for the business, where a more extensive list of required cleaning for commercial properties is required for the safety of the public, the workforce or pupils.

During a deep clean, everything will tend to be wiped over multiple times and everything that can be touched or grabbed – such as door handles and light switches – is thoroughly sanitized. Whilst this is a more costly contract to have, the attention to detail is much more focused on providing a truly clean work atmosphere.

Deep cleans are usually a set-up for a new season, with businesses instigating a deep clean once every 4 months. Some companies go for a deep clean every 6 months, or if they are preparing for a large business meeting or selling their company or premises. This includes cleaning high up places where a build-up of dust and dirt can hang down from not being able to reach on a regular clean.

The best way to determine which cleaning contract is best for your business is to discuss the different types of cleaning services and your immediate needs with a professional office cleaning Manchester company. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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