Places You May Overlook to Clean in Your Office

workplace hygiene

If you want a true horror story for Halloween, how about the fact that the average office worker’s hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day. Out of those 10 million, how many do you think will affect other workers in common areas of the workplace? If your office has a regular once over of cleaning surfaces, it is a safe bet that you will miss ridding the majority of these germs, which can manifest in colds and flu viruses in due course, which isn’t great for workplace hygiene.

Following on from the Covid-19 virus, common touchpoints in the office must be given a higher degree of sanitizing and proper chemical cleaning to ensure the heavy traffic use in the day does not lead to heavier losses of workers due to illness.

Evaluating your Routine

Over the 2020s so far, we all have learned more about heightened cleanliness than we ever thought possible. Even with taking the steps to ensure we are kept safe, it is still easy to overlook some areas in our current cleaning schedule that need even more attention.

Now – with the cold and flu season upon us and variant threats still lurking in the wings – there are places in our offices that contain the hidden risks of germs and bacteria that more often than not get missed. These fall into various devices of shared use in the office such as printers and photocopiers which should be wiped down daily, including all buttons and trays within them.

Also within this area is the office water cooler which can be easily forgotten about whether it is in the office, hallway or kitchen. If you have an office coffee maker or kettle, this will need extensive cleaning also as they will be used by everyone, including all the refilling trays and utensils.

Parts Forgotten But Essential

When you think about every area that could come in contact with the human hand, there will be some that will naturally slip your mind because they are so obvious.

All door handles – not just the bathroom ones – including ones with thumb or fingerprint scanners need the maximum amount of cleanliness. It is not just your staff who use these handles, as you will have visitors and delivery people using them also which makes for a lot of traffic.

Your company conference rooms also need extra levels of cleanliness, and not just in the appearance of carpets and curtains/blinds. All chairs, tables, conferencing equipment, phones and keyboards need extra levels of care, including your remote control for presentations. All these small areas contain more germs than everywhere else.

All windowsills in the office and window handles now need extra cleaning as they will be opened and closed on multiple occasions, and those office fans will need a thorough clean also.


These areas will be forgotten by a regular office cleaner, which makes it important that your business employs a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester. Not only do they handle carpets, washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport, but they make sure to get all of the areas that would be typically overlooked.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to tackle your workplace hygiene.

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