Added Areas of Cleaning for a Positive Impression

workplace cleanliness

Giving added care towards workplace cleanliness provides a great first impression and a happier and healthier environment for employees – and during the darker months, there are extra steps that be taken to make it a more pleasant daily place to work.

Autumn is that part of the year where commercial cleaning Manchester takes centre stage in importance to prepare for winter. By working with professional cleaning services, there are more areas of your business that stand to benefit.


Your office windows are not just the inside looking out, they are the outside looking in – and they are the first things your visitors, clients and customers see when approaching your office. Having them well reflective of your business is all the more important during the darker months, as inside lighting will showcase dirt to a much higher degree.

Having window cleaners in Stockport not only helps to control germs and prevent mould growth but also provide a positive impact on your business appearance for clients, as well as giving your employees a bit of added mental health happiness by having a clear and clean window with no dust or smears on the glass.

Dusting and Pollution Free

As we enter the colder and windier months, we tend to close more and more office windows to retain heat. This, in turn, reduces the air ventilation and the dust build-up starts to increase.

Over the winter months, dust and other pollutants accumulate more on desks, computers, chairs and workstations which leads to indoor air quality decreasing and allergies starting to increase within the workforce. Having your air conditioning system cleaned reduces the level of pollutants and protects the indoor air quality to contain a healthy environment.

Carpets and Floors

Carpets and floors are the natural sponges for germs to build a home on and, due to the number of people walking over them in a day, they breed much quicker.

Carpets have building elements of grime, dirt and bacteria and they need the most regular cleaning of any part of your business. Professional office cleaning Manchester provide a fresh start to the season by removing all dust, allergens and everything that sits on your carpet via vacuuming and steaming, cutting down on germ build-up and keeping them fresh.

Hard surface floors also require commercial cleaning on a more regular basis, as employees will spend much more time inside. Having them professionally cleaned not only injects new life into the floors but also protects them from looking dirty and dull over the short term.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for added care to your workplace cleanliness where it needs it most.

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