Cleaning Around the Christmas Party

Christmas clean up

Deck the halls and strike up the party tunes because Christmas party time is about to commence. Whilst everyone has an air of excitement around the upcoming office festivities, cleaning up the office is an essential task before and after the music has stopped. What things are of vital importance that you would require a Christmas clean up to focus on before the party starts and after it is all over?

Before the Festivities Commence

Before the party is underway you will need to have a few areas given extra levels of attention. First, up will be an extra level of washroom cleaning to be fully sanitized and well stocked with cleaning supplies. You want to also ensure that they remain odour-free.

Nothing puts a dampener on your festivities like a foul smell from your bathrooms. Another thing you want to have a deeper clean is your worktops, counters and other surfaces around your office. This includes a good declutter before everyone starts getting a bit tipsy, reducing your office accidents for employees and any guests.

The floor is going to need extra levels of vacuuming and swabbing to keep it clean over the party period, also reducing the amount of dust in the air whilst eliminating the number of bacteria and germs circulating the area. No one wants to get ill at your party, so having a specialist in office cleaning Manchester takes you to the highest quality hygiene standards available.

Most importantly, all of your bins need to be thoroughly emptied – trust us, they will fill up quite quickly during the office shenanigans.

After the Party Ends

The following morning of your party is even more important to get a specialist in commercial cleaning Manchester involved.

Everything will need attention from a thorough cleaning of your countertops, washbasins and urinals within the washroom to eliminate all the germs built up overnight and make toilets safe to use, all the way to cleaning refrigerators, dishes, sinks and other items used when serving food and drinks.

Your bins will be filled up with everything from bottles to plates to napkins and leftover food by this point, and they are not things you want to stink out your office for days. All of your rubbish will need putting into the correct bins for the post-party bin collection – which you don’t want to miss.

All of those strewn around decorations will need putting away or disposing of. If you plan on using them again then you should ideally take them down at the end of the party so they don’t get thrown out. Your carpets and floors will have everything from footprints to spilt drinks and food mashed into the fabric, so this is where a deep clean is going to come in handy. No one wants foods rotting into the carpet and ruining it, creating a foul odour as the weeks go on.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to set up your office pre and post Christmas clean up, so you can enjoy the festivities and not suffer the aftermath.

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