New Year and a Fresher Start

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With the year behind you and a new one on the horizon, the dust is already starting to settle following the holiday period – literally. To start your new year off on the right foot, bring in a professional cleaning company Stockport to spruce up your workplace before the new year kicks off. There are also some things you can do to best prepare for the great level of cleanliness they bring.

Box Up the Decorations

Now that the festivities are over and done with, a spruce up is needed and those decorations need to go into their space for the next 11 months. Packing them away before the cleaning crew comes in sets the stage for the fresh, uncluttered and focused work on getting your office back to normal.

If you have a real Christmas tree in the office, find an eco-friendly way of disposing of it – as well as any wreaths or other real decorations. All lights need to be wrapped up neatly and decor packed away safely for use next year. There is a chance that taking down decorations will drop some dust from the ceiling areas onto desks, so take a little time for a quick wipe over desks to catch them straight away.

Clear Out the Kitchen

The kitchen area will no doubt horde some unwanted guests in the form of leftover food in the fridge and microwave, as well as your bins.

If you have had office parties, there will no doubt be leftover food hanging around in areas you didn’t expect. There may also be older jars of food or sauces well past their dispose of date, so grabbing a bin liner and getting rid of them before the professionals come in will make sure that no build-up of fruit flies or growing moss on foods that have hung around far too long add to your stress.


As a business owner, you will understand what documents are trash or vital. Doing a run-through on workstations to declutter all important documents from rubbish will save time and also save on losing any vital information that has been left in a tray or drawer.

Ideally, your employees will walk back into a fresh and vibrant office where the organization is instilled at their first sight, urging them to want to keep it clean as you move forward.

Bring in the Pros

With these small things taken care of, it is time to bring in the experts in office cleaning Manchester to handle all areas from washroom cleaning to deep cleans of your floor and carpet.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services for a spruce up before the new year.

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