Winding Down the Office Activity

Christmas week is finally upon us, and whilst another bout of coronavirus is currently sweeping the nation (potentially altering your Christmas office party plans), planning for what January has in store at this late juncture could be the best action plan you have.

Whatever the new year has in store for us, be it home-based working or hybrid working to some extent, having our offices thoroughly prepared by cleaning out 2021 and providing a fresh and sanitized 2022 office puts the best foot forward.


Decluttering and organizing your office interior can be a bit stressful, so it is handy to have all the supplies you need to do it readily prepared.

You will want to throw away a lot of stuff, from old documents that need shredding to boxes of stock no longer required or outdated marketing items. This is your fresh start, which means being a bit merciless with filing cabinets and desktop paper trays that stock up plenty of unnecessary paper and junk.

By working a zone at a time, you will have a more structured approach to your pre-clean, getting to the kitchen and disposing of anything left in the refrigerator or cupboards that won’t last until the new year. Make a fresh start with fresh space.

Layout Change

Coming back to the same space in the same part of the office can get real tedious – especially after a festive holiday.

One thing you can look at doing is to change around the room, move around the furniture and give it a different look to how it was when the staff left. This automatically gives your staff a new start to a new year feel as it is not the same old-same old look the office is associated with.

With a fresh new workspace and a different view for them on their return, their work attitude will feel enlightened from the get-go, instead of slumping back into the old routine.

Deep Clean

When wanting to put 2021 behind us, that includes the very atmosphere we breathed in all year. This is as good a time as any to put your office through the deep clean by specialists in commercial cleaning Manchester.

By bringing in office cleaning Manchester expertise, you can fully clear out 2021s germs, bacteria and dust build-up and have a pristine office for your employees to walk back into. From the freshest carpets, sparkling tiles and thoroughly sanitised washrooms to greet your employees and clients back into the new year, you surely stand to set a good example that it is not just business as usual – it is business that is prepared.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a professional cleaning company Stockport that will set you in good stead for a new year.

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