Different Types of Contract Cleaning

domestic and office cleaning


Everyone knows the difference between domestic and office cleaning – but do you know that commercial cleaning is something different?

Whilst you may think that cleaning is simply cleaning, it is important to understand what specific types of cleaning are available from a cleaning company Stockport when evaluating your business cleaning needs.

Typically there are three main types of cleaning with the first two being easily separated into domestic and office cleaning Manchester. The third type – commercial cleaning Manchester – is where the line blurs from the office environment side.

Commercial Cleaning Explained

Commercial cleaning is an all-encompassing term for cleaning any kind of business premises from retail to retirement homes.

The difference is that, unlike an office environment, commercial cleaning is more versatile and can involve a lot of specialist equipment and services, such as floor buffering and industrial cleaning requirements. As you can imagine, places of work can vary – factories, hospitals, nightclubs – so they each need a different level of speciality cleaning to go with it. This includes specialist knowledge and training for many different types of environments.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is among the most popular commercial cleaning services because every business has an office interior somewhere on site.

Whilst it may seem like a pretty basic routine task to keep the office in order, it takes a lot to keep it maintained to a healthy and hygienic standard every day. From delicate electronics, daily utilized kitchen spaces, toilets, staircases and different surfaces all-around – an office is the one space where constant activity and a multitude of visitors pass through every day. This creates an environment that requires the very best in cleanliness.

Foot traffic alone will create havoc with your office carpet that requires industrial vacuums to keep them fresh and looking welcoming. A cleaning contractor will help bring them back to life by keeping the look of them refreshed and smelling great.

Scheduling Work

The biggest drawback about having someone in the office take care of the cleaning is that it disrupts workload. However, the best thing about hiring a cleaning company Stockport is that you can set the schedule of when the office requires cleaning, meaning it can be done after hours or over weekends when the business is not open. It also means you are saving money on your bottom line by not disrupting working hours or hiring an employee specifically for the task.

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