When Do I Need an Office Deep Clean?

Business owners are always surprised at how much work goes into a professional office deep clean. Whilst regular office cleaning Manchester can be pretty basic in terms of cleaning strategy, a deep clean operation goes much further into the process to tackle a multitude of areas that a regular clean does not handle.

How Often Do You Require a Deep Clean?

Every commercial cleaning Manchester service would not be complete without an initial deep clean to get you started. Following that, it is not a requirement to have one every week.

With the onset of new hybrid working conditions for many businesses, you may not require a deep clean every other month either, but it is important to have one occasionally to ensure all the places that regular cleaning does not cover get to have attention at certain intervals. Once every four to six months is a good schedule for an office deep clean, depending on the number of people you have working there and how many visitors you have.

What it Entails

An office deep clean is a sizable job that requires more than one person to undertake. The good news is that a commercial cleaning Manchester company can undertake it as part of their service.

The day before a scheduled deep clean, get your office staff to clear their desks of clutter and clear the floor area of any bags or folders. It is also a good time to clear out any excess junk that has been building up over time. This sets the tone for the levels of commitment to cleaning to come.

Moveable office furniture should be gathered into the middle of the office space so that all edges and corners of the office are open. These areas build up to bigger amounts of dust, which is identifiable when you see the difference between regularly cleaned areas and those that have not had the attention.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning team will be sure to make the office well ventilated and begin work on a dry dusting of all surfaces. This will incorporate cleaning of light fixtures, high shelving and tall furniture and down to desks, cabinets and blinds.

Following this, the team will wet dust and disinfect surfaces and windows, and all areas that get the maximum amount of germs – such as phones, keyboards and door handles. Specialist industrial vacuums will then tackle the floors to deep clean carpets and remove deeper levels of dirt and bacteria.

An office deep clean provides an incredible aura of freshness that your employees can feel. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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