Areas Professional Cleaners Never Miss

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To most people, keeping an office nice and clean is looked at like a relatively easy task – but so is missing vital areas and spots that are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Certain areas and tasks within the office clean have a bigger overall impact on your business – especially when it comes to the health of your staff. Every nook and cranny has the potential to fester into a bigger problem – including those areas professional commercial office cleaners will never miss.

A Vacuum of Tighter Spaces

The edges of carpets are one of those areas that commonly don’t get the proper vacuuming they require. If your office has chords or computer machines/filing cabinets on the ground, and even if you feel you have cleaned every square inch around them, those corners will no doubt be harvesting some serious germs.

A professional cleaner will double-check every area around these difficult spots to ensure no dirt or dust sticks around after a clean, ensuring that these difficult corners do not get neglected. This can even mean the machinery is pulled out and around the edges cleaned via a vacuum hose to eliminate any built-up dirt, grime and crumbs.

Windows and Blinds

Your windows and office blinds are majorly important to providing a clean environment, as well as a healthy one for your workforce.

Most professional cleaning companies also come equipped as window cleaners in Stockport, as well specialist cleaning of blinds which more often than not get forgotten about. If blinds are not regularly dusted off, your employees can become congested and sick from the accumulated pollen in the air.

Having these blinds wiped clean regularly when employees are not in the area greatly reduces the pollen amounts throughout the breathable air.


It is incredibly easy for employees to forget to clean up after themselves, wiping down tables and cleaning any leftover dishes. More often than not, dishes just get left in the sink for someone to tackle at the end of the day.

The removal of older foods from the cupboards and fridge is another often neglected area, as well as cleaning out the microwave after use. The kitchen requires a lot of specialist cleaning, and you can help by going through the fridge on a Friday and tossing out any food that is destined to occupy that space over the weekend – making it easier for a fully effective professional clean to be undertaken.

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