How Germs Spread Around the Workplace

how to prevent spreading germs in the workplace

Now that the majority of employees are back to enjoying the office atmosphere, the top concern for many offices is how germs can easily be spread, leading many to wonder how to prevent spreading germs in the workplace.

Germs spread quickly and easily, and in workplaces, surfaces get touched often and by many people in just one day alone. By understanding how germs spread around your office you can better understand how to reduce the spread of them around your workforce.

What Causes the Spread?

Bacteria, germs and viruses accumulate on surfaces around the office and can be spread by airborne transmission. The biggest areas to harbour such germs are typically carpets, fixtures, doorknobs and handles, office equipment and staff toilets.

An average employee will touch around 300 surfaces within the office every half hour, and just one door within your workplace can accumulate germs for over 50 per cent of your workforce within just 4 hours of a working day.

Every company wants healthy employees and a clean workplace, especially following the awareness of how serious protection from viruses and germs is in today’s society. Even cleaning a keyboard with an antibacterial wipe can provide a 100% reduction in bacteria growth. As an employer, germs in your workplace can be kept at bay with a little special attention being paid.

Carpet Care

Carpets provide a welcoming feel and beautiful finish, but high traffic volumes bring in higher volumes of germs and allergens.

Allergens such as pollen, fungi, chemicals, tars and residues are typically uncovered upon investigation into office carpets and an easy remedy to keeping all of these germs at bay is to have a cleaning company Stockport provide regular care and maintenance.

A daily vacuum and professional deep clean twice a year makes a huge impact against festering germs and bacteria, as well as presenting the intended appearance and cleanliness.

High-Touch Areas

An average desk can have more bacteria festering than an office toilet seat, with upwards of ten million bacteria potentially laid on a workstation desk – 400 times more than your average toilet seat.

Items such as keyboards, handsets and office furniture can therefore become extremely unsanitary as the day goes on, and bacteria will only multiply every day moving forward if not cleaned with high-quality commercial cleaning Manchester products and services.

Cleaning specialists will use the proper sanitary cleaning products to ensure all germs and bacteria are minimised from office workstations regularly, and it is always a good investment to provide sanitizing wipes for each desk so employees can clean their desks throughout the day also.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to ensure all your office germs, viruses and bacteria are professionally handled. The experts on how to prevent spreading germs in the workplace.

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