Office Toilets Requires Professional Cleaning

professional office cleaning services

The office working environment is among the busiest and most occupied places and the most commonly used facilities are the staff toilets. Even though all office employees and visitors go to the toilet regularly over a day, it can be one of those things that they do worry about. The truth is that most people will not hang around the staff toilet for long – and only use it if urgent. The urge for relief is the only purpose that it serves as it is not a conversation area, and the real level of care for the room is reserved for the professional office cleaning services company.

Millions of Bacteria

Unfortunately, taking the toilet for granted means that millions of bacteria living and breeding in it is not a concern. But, whatever is found inside your staff toilets will be carried and spread around the office as well.

Whilst a cleaning company Stockport will handle all of the chemically involved cleanings, some simple steps can be taken by staff and management to reduce the spread of germs around the environment.

Having soap or liquid soap dispensers is an essential part of staff toilets and they should be regularly filled so that staff can wash their hands thoroughly after use. If dispensers are dirty or not in their best condition, they may not work as well as they should be doing – these should be replaced.

Check Facilities

Along with soap dispensers, it is critical to ensure that every toilet has a stable seat to sit upon. By regularly checking the condition of the seats to ensure that the hinges are still intact and not loose. The seats must be well maintained and kept clean, even providing seat covers if possible.

Toilet paper is one of those items that we always seem to run out of and we don’t keep on top of the supply because it’s not something that is thought about until it’s gone. It is a good idea to constantly keep on top of supply, even providing disposable paper towels, cloth towels and hot air blowers in good working order.

Ensure Bins are Used

It may sound a bit overboard, but many employees seem to leave tissues and other stuff destined for the bin just laying around the washroom, including in the sink basin.

Fully informing your staff of the need to respect the washroom and clean up not just themselves, but after themselves as well creates a sense of pride in the workplace and avoids an unhygienic situation overtaking the office.

Keep your bins in order also so that no overflowing rubbish or used toilet paper or towels don’t get out of hand.

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