How to Eradicate Those Office Smells

how to make an office smell nice

The sense of smell is probably not the most popular in a majority of instances, but it is one of the most powerful that we possess. And when it comes to the workplace, many wonder how to make an office smell nice.

Every place has a smell, and we become nose blind to a lot of them when we continuously smell them. Others we cannot ignore, and that is when a smell becomes overpowering. It is the smell of a bin that needs emptying or from the toilets – and these smells are present in the commercial environment also.

In an office setting, offending smells can be much harder to track down – but proper cleaning can eliminate those offending smells.


From leftover fish in the microwave to forgotten sandwiches in employee drawers, some smells get unbearable and fast. Almost a third of employees admit that they choose to eat at their desks, making the desks, keyboards, chairs and phones full of crumbs and grease.

Greasy and sticky foods devoured at desks can permeate into the fabric or woodwork, and the odours begin to seep into the air. Encouraging good eating and after-eating clean-up practices among your staff reduces clogging up the office with abandoned food and leftovers. Those employees that have sensitive allergies could fall victim to certain odours, so it is best to have everyone think about the team environment.


The office kitchen sink sees pretty much everything thrown into it, and is probably one of the most abused areas of the office – but not the first everyone thinks to clean after them.

You see leftover food, teabags and murky water and it gets left for someone else – and starts to create matter and a bad smell soon follows suit. This leads to sink blockage which also leaves a foul odour. Teaching your staff to simply wash their dishes after use and put tea bags in the bin after use certainly saves a lot of unwanted odours from occupying your office.

Unclogging the sink can be done by pouring boiling water and bicarbonate soda down the plughole. It is a simple way of stopping the problem before it gets out of hand.


Wondering how to make an office smell nice? Your carpets can certainly attract a lot of bad smells in the office and are usually one of the most common areas for it, which is why it is equally as important as your washroom cleaning to get done by a professional.

They can be difficult to pinpoint when it comes to office smells, but years of wet weather, trodden in dirt and spills that are long forgotten about certainly begin to take their toll. Increased footfall also adds to the smell as the year goes on, which is why it is important to have an office deep clean every quarter to freshen them up.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for full office cleaning Manchester services that keep bad smells at bay and provide a breath of fresh air for your working day.

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