What is Commercial Cleaning?

commercial cleaning service

We all know of the values of domestic cleaning and office cleaning services – but have you heard of an commercial cleaning service and do you know the difference between office and commercial cleaning?

When looking for a company to clean your business premises, it is important to know which type of contract they offer and which is the most suitable for your particular business. The most common type is office cleaning, and with the lines becoming blurred on what types of cleaning there are for a workplace – there are enough differences between office and commercial contracts.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a specialist type of commercial cleaning contract that focuses on the workplace office, and whilst a pretty basic type of cleaning – spaces can be pretty complex.

With these rooms having various amounts of delicate electronics and electrical outlets – as well as servers and computers – cleaning around these items requires a lot of care to not damage them. Office cleaning also incorporates office kitchens, toilets, stairwells, lifts and various surfaces around the vicinity.

Naturally, all of these areas are used by many different employees daily, making it challenging to keep clean without disruption. High volumes of foot traffic also have a worn effect on your company office carpet, making them tired and dirty almost regularly.

Office cleaning has a special focus on bringing those carpets back to life so that they don’t need to be replaced – and making them smell fresh and pleasant.

Commercial Cleaning

Where the difference between office cleaning and commercial cleaning comes in is that commercial cleaning is a catch-all phrase for cleaning any kind of business environment from retail to retirement homes.

Commercial cleaning contracts tend to be much more versatile and come with the use of a lot more specialised equipment – such as buffers and industrial cleaning tools – and tends to be highly specialised by sector.

Various areas such as factories, data centres and businesses within the medical profession have different needs than nightclubs or bars. With most commercial cleaning Manchester businesses, they will have specialised experience to apply for each type of business – or some will focus mainly on these sectors.

Commercial cleaning has higher trained standards for their cleaners, sometimes working around more hazardous areas such as chemicals or manufacturing plants.

The Right Contract

Even with a large portion of workers doing hybrid or home working, the need to have your office premises cleaned regularly comes down to what areas are most used daily – such as kitchens and toilets – and the type of business you run.

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