School’s Out

cleaning in schools

That time of year is upon us again when the children are set free until September and the schools take a break for the summer. Whilst the learning is on hold for holidays and fun, school work is still active – especially when it comes to keeping it clean. This period is typically where the deep cleaning takes place, much like half term. The difference is that there is more time to conduct thorough cleaning in schools and making sure every area is ready for the return of staff and pupils.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Periodic deep cleans help to keep the spotless reputation and keep the environment in a fresh state all year round, with every part of the school seeing different types of attention needed.

Your art classes will have plenty of paints and glues stuck to tables, your woodwork and design classes will have sawdust in every corner and those food technology classes will have plenty of ovens to keep clean – and that’s before you even reach the school canteens and kitchens.

School commercial cleaning Manchester incorporates every kind of cleaning imaginable to make sure it retains its lofty standards of educational needs. The deep cleaning during the holiday months is an essential process far beyond the emptying of bins and mopping the floors.

School Needs

The exact needs of your school are tailored to how many students you have. The equipment within the school and how many staff and pupil bathrooms, classrooms, lunch areas and other areas you have. These can take a lot of time to clean, so it is best to do them during those holiday periods.

If undertaken during the holiday break, it does not matter if you are on a large campus or a small local school, the service can be structured for all of them during quieter periods.

A deep clean takes a series of procedures to ensure that everyone returns to a fresh environment. This includes vacuuming and shampooing all carpets within classrooms and halls and stripping and polishing parquet floors to ensure they look bright and fresh upon arrival. Hard floors are also mopped and all items like chewing gums are removed.

Hard Clean Areas

Deep cleaning of the school’s kitchens, canteens and washroom cleaning require specialist chemicals to eliminate all festering germs, including behind areas that typically would get missed. Soft furnishings such as lounge couches and curtains also require a certain amount of steam cleaning to keep them fresh and pristine.

Sports halls and corridor floors require specialist buffing cleaning to eliminate germs spread by foot traffic, and also every office and classroom with computers requires keyboards, monitors, desks and other equipment to be thoroughly cleaned and dusted to ensure no spreading of germs.

Whilst school is out, cleaning in schools should be in full effect by a cleaning company Stockport. Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today.

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