How Long Does it Take to Clean a Commercial Office Space?

No matter if it is a move to a new office environment or assessing your current work office requirements, the wonder of how long it will take to clean the entire area will always be one of those questions that need asking.

It is okay to not know how long it takes to make the place fresh and clean – that is not your main concern when renting or purchasing an office space. You need to concentrate on the business growth, not the dusting and vacuuming. This is where you need an outsourced cleaning company Stockport.

What Needs to Be Done?

The best place to start in trying to figure out how long it will take to clean your office space is figuring out what your requirements are.

This helps in determining the type of contract you want with a company specialising in office cleaning Manchester. Deciding on whether the environment needs cleaning daily, weekly or fortnightly is something that has to have a little thought into it, especially when it comes to the kitchen areas with their bios and fridges.

Other things you need to consider in the post-pandemic era is how often you want items like door handles and railings cleaned, as well as light switches and other shared areas of your office that see a lot of contact from different people. Touch points are an area that sees a lot of germs building up without them being cleaned regularly.

Industry Standard

Your cleaning company considers the industry standard for cleaning your office space to be conducted 3-5 days a week, especially if it is a busy workspace that has a lot of build-up of rubbish and a large number of employees.

How many people work within the space plays a larger factor in how often it needs to be cleaned, as foot traffic on your carpet will require a more in-depth deep clean – especially if they come with muddy footprints or trodden in water that will start to create a smell in quick order without attention to it.

Having a regular office clean contract prevents a build-up of dust, germs and debris within the office which can cause illness to staff – especially those with allergies. A cleaning company Stockport will also factor in washroom cleaning and window cleaners in Stockport – areas that regular employees will not want to touch in any capacity.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for a commercial cleaning Manchester contracted suited to your office needs.

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