How Office Cleaners Protect You From Germs

regular cleaning service

Have you given enough thought to where all of your office-based germs hide and how they would be removed? Regular cleaning in certain spots does everything possible to remove dirt, stains and other messes – but the removal of illness-causing pathogens is where the true benefit lies in having a regular cleaning service.


Dust accumulates daily and is visible to the naked eye – as well as to those suffering from allergies.

As the leading cause of air pollution, dust not only causes those allergic reactions but also exacerbates asthma and impacts the respiratory systems. It also impacts your overall productivity within the workplace. When a potential client visits your workplace and sees dust everywhere, it does not set the right impression that your business is one of care.

After all, if a business cannot take care of itself, it is highly unlikely to be taking care of its clients.

Surface Cleandown

When we think of germ removal, we all picture the constant wiping down of surfaces with disinfectant and antiseptic wipes or cleaning sprays.

An office cleaning Manchester company goes even further by using compliant chemicals and cleaning products that ensure all surfaces are fully disinfected and safe. This includes high-reach areas that can typically get ignored by a regular clean-up operation by your staff.

It is especially important in today’s world that all of your high-touch areas such as light switches and door handles get a thorough clean to eliminate contaminative germs that employees can carry from outside.

Carpet Attention

Your office floor sees more daily foot traffic than you care to realise. The people that come into your office are not just the employees, but also delivery people, clients, prospects and other business owners – each carrying their amount of germs on their footwear.

When you think about your carpet, you may not realise all of the dirt, hair, dead skin, insects and germs that harvest over a day. It is not a pleasant thought and – if not attended to – not a pleasant odour after a while.

All of these built-up carpet contaminants contribute to polluting the air also, and regular vacuuming with a commercial cleaning Manchester-based company becomes crucial in removing all of the unwanted items tracked into your carpet.

These are just a few of the regular cleaning service on offer from Absolutely Gleaming Services, ensuring that your business is not just visibly clean, but all of the silent germs are kept at bay as well. Contact our team today for full services in office cleaning Manchester.

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