Should Hotels Outsource Cleaning Services?

When running a successful hotel, whether it is a large corporate or a small independent, room cleanliness is the most important factor for guests booking a stay.

Deciding on an outsourced cleaning company Stockport is a financial decision that has a significant impact on your guest’s overall experience, which is why it is important to weigh the cost advantages of an outsourced agent with the effect it has on your hotel’s quality of service.


Over half of the hotel guests read online reviews of hotels before making a commitment to one for their stay, and reports of the cleanliness top the searches – more than catering or how the staff are with guests. Before they part with their money, they want to know that the hotel rooms are worth it, being both clean and providing everything they need to make their stay easy.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, hotels come under even more investigation online and have even deeper scrutiny once the guests arrive as to the environment they will be staying within.

A single bad review on cleanliness can stand out much more prominent among many reviews for great service and professionalism, damaging your hotel’s reputation and leaving many guests looking for a different place to spend their time and money.

Financial Help

With your full-time employees or contractors employees being representatives of your hotel and having a direct impact on your customer satisfaction, outsourced commercial cleaning Manchester agencies provide several financial benefits as well as more specialised services.

One of the biggest advantages a hotel can have with outsourced cleaning agencies is that they can scale costs as needed. When fewer staff members are required in the off-season, the hotel saves on not requiring to pay for extra employees and having fewer overhead costs by not needing them to come in just to clean up.

Specialist Services

As well to the savings, outsourced cleaners also provide a wider range of specialist services, such as deep cleaning that can be done up to 4 times a year and provide very fine cleaning to remove every trace of dirt, dust and contaminated area.

Without having to constantly concentrate and deal with the cleanliness of the hotel on a staff level, a hotel can further dedicate its time and efforts towards growing the business and focusing on more important tasks at hand.

An outsourced cleaning company Stockport will also be able to accommodate new policy changes within hotels, as well as being able to add new areas of cleaning to the contract as time goes on. The other benefit is that holidays do not affect a cleaning company, as they will always have agents able to undertake the task at hand.

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