Why Office Cleaning is More Important in the Hot Months

It feels like an eternity since we last had hot months, and even back when we did it was still around the main pandemic threat which kept many of us confined and staying away from the office.

Now that 2022 has everyone back to working in the office – whether full-time or hybrid working – we will stand to feel a lot of that heat through our office windows. Whilst we welcome the summer months, it also provides its fair share of flies, germs and bacteria. This makes it the most important season to have a service for office cleaning Manchester on your books.


The summer holidays are the time of year we all remember fondly. Not being in school for what felt like 8 months has filled many a happy memory. But the cleanliness of the schools needs to be maintained even more during the summer months because dust can settle faster with no movement – which means germs can harvest even faster.

During the closing weeks, a deep clean of the entire school ensures that no festering bacteria and germs are starting to build for the return of your staff and students – and due to the students not being around, it can be done a lot more effectively and thoroughly.

A team of commercial cleaning Manchester specialists can take care of every corner, high and low, to ensure that dust and dirt are eradicated before anyone steps back into the classrooms.


The winter months may provide the flu for many members of your workforce, but the summer sure can belt out the hayfever – and that can be much worse.

The good news is that allergies are not contagious, but for those that suffer them, they can be very debilitating. Colleagues can bring in pollen spores just from walking inside and out, which starts to then affect your sensitive workforce when pollen starts to build up around dust.

With that in mind, a cleaning company Stockport can be the best thing to help employees who suffer from allergies to be able to work in a much cleaner environment.


In the summer, the office and kitchen area bins fill up with everything from discarded wrappers to leftover food such as apple cores and sandwich crusts.

This is your hive for bacteria that start to spread around the office. Old fruit will grow fruit flies and nasty smells will accumulate around the office air. This can quickly get out of hand and these areas will need tending to daily.

A regular office cleaning contract makes sure that your entire office is thoroughly sanitized using the most effective cleaning chemicals to ensure no harbouring foods or waste attracts a nasty surprise.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to make sure your summer cleaning is in hand.

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