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call centre cleaning

When you look at every kind of business that utilises office space to maximum capacity, the work of call centres is one of the biggest clients that require regular office cleaning Manchester. The reasons for call centre cleaning is pretty simple – they have the most people occupying the space, sometimes crammed desk to desk and that means a lot of requirements for keeping individual areas clean.

Call centres are not just telemarketing businesses, tech helpdesks and customer service lines – they can also be first responders and emergency call centres. All of these people have to man phones and take record numbers of calls a day or make them – and that means their surroundings are vital to the job.

Timing is Everything

The one thing that is always of consideration for call centres is that they can work around the clock, clocking in as many as three separate shifts a day. A day shift, evening shift and what is known as the graveyard shift (through the night until the morning) means that not only do they require their workspaces to be cleaned almost every day, but more than one individual will occupy the space at any one time without much break in between.

The need to fully cleanse the keyboards, handsets and seats between each staff shift can be hard, and finding the right time for cleaning can be harder with so many shifts happening throughout the week.

The best way to fully cleanse the office space is to conduct a clean over the weekend when everyone stops working.

Weekend Cleaning

Special contracts with a commercial cleaning Manchester company can ensure that no disruption to the staff during their busy target hitting week occurs by doing the work on a Saturday or Sunday, preparing the office for the week ahead.

This would include full deep carpet cleansing to eliminate the germs and bacteria forming from the amount of foot traffic every week. In some call centre scenarios that work in patterns of 3 shifts a day, there can be upwards of 90 staff members using all of the facilities, including the kitchens and the toilets.

With all of these people requiring the washroom at least once a day, that is a lot of people to clean up after and requires specialist washroom cleaning to fully disinfect the area for the week ahead. This also means that bins will get more full over the week and will need emptying on a more daily basis.

Desk Items

Typically, for offices that run three shifts, there will be three staff members manning 1 desk throughout the day. With considerations around the post-pandemic period, this means that each desk requires a lot of attention to cleanliness.

Office cleaning contracts ensure that over the weekend a lot of attention goes into fully cleansing the desk and disinfecting all of the equipment on and around it. There is nothing worse than coming in on a Monday morning to discover the last person occupying your desk on Friday night left it a mess.

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