Cleaning Food Preparation Businesses During a Heatwave

keeping the workplace clean and safe

Throughout the UK, the huge increase in daily temperatures during the 2022 heatwave has put tremendous pressure on keeping the workplace clean and safe.

For businesses that work in food production and preparation, it becomes even more of a necessity. Ovens in bakeries and machines in food processing plants can be one of two things in cleaning – time-consuming or dangerous.

Leaving your ovens and machines with even the smallest amount of food left within the nooks and crannies and result in germs, bacteria, flies and maggots that can affect your operations.

When They Need Cleaning

Ovens and machines need to cool down and be fully turned off before any cleaning’s undertaken on them. Doing this throughout the day can halt productivity and waste valuable time.

That is not to say that they cannot be cleaned whilst they are still hot, but if it is not done with the correct safety equipment to do so, you can suffer severe burns and injuries. These ovens and machines need to be operational and meet the highest level of hygiene standards every single day, which means they need high levels of professional cleaning more regularly than any other area.

Having them cleaned to this level improves efficiency and productivity and protects the costs and downtime of your equipment and its lifespan.

Cleaning Down Sides

Businesses that prepare food, such as takeaways or sandwich makers, have to consider a lot of additional factors when cleaning the premises.

Leftover food needs to be disposed of and worktops, sinks and ovens need additional consideration when it comes to deep cleaning to ensure that bacteria and flies don’t take over the space.

Crumbs and fat from foods can drop into cracks in tiles or carpets and begin to fester, which left unattended can begin to cause germ buildup in hot weather. Having a professional cleaning company Stockport pays close attention to the deep cleaning required to ensure that food does not become contaminated by left behind stains or food waste build-up.

Dust Elimination

Many staff members will handle cleaning around machines or ovens and disposing of leftover foods, but cleaning high-up areas above the ovens and on top of shelves is an area that they will always overlook.

These areas can have grease build-up, dead flies and a dust cover that can fall onto foods and result in complaints and contamination of the entire day’s stock.

Giving extra consideration to cleaning during the heatwave to your kitchens, processing plants and ovens ensures that your stock stays fresh and desirable. For keeping the workplace clean and safe, contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today for commercial cleaning Manchester

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