Areas Missed During a Basic Office Clean

office clean

“How hard is it to keep an office clean?”

It is a statement that every boss has to administer to his office workforce every once and a while, typically born out of frustration with the state of the area in question.

Whilst a simple office clean-up can restore a simple cleaned-up look, there are plenty of things figuratively brushed under the carpet – maybe even literally in some cases. Just because it is out of sight does not mean they are out of mind. There are plenty of overlooked spots that, if you chose to go and inspect right now, would probably have a nasty surprise or two tucked away.

Office Equipment

Office equipment such as printers and copy machines may not get used every day – and that could be a telling sign of dust buildup when they are not. Underneath these machines will be harbouring enough particles to set off allergies in an entire office, and it is a good bet they have not been moved by employees to quickly clean up.

Your kitchen microwave is also an area that will have its buildup of dust behind and under – as well as pieces of food and crumbs accumulated underneath. When food is left uncleaned it begins to build up disgusting bacteria – this is an item that needs cleaning more and more often.

Walls and Screens

You would be surprised that dust, dirt and grime do not just get under and around the items in your office – they stick to your vertical surfaces also.

If you have textured or wallpapered office walls, you will need to keep them wiped down to get the layer of built-up dust off of your walls. This extends to around any picture frames or window sills which have their build-up.

Inspect the glass of your office artwork and you may even find fingerprints that need to be wiped off, as people’s fingerprints get everywhere – even if they make no sense to be there. All frames around the office need to be kept dust free regularly.


Light switches, plug sockets and ceiling fan blades all will have a larger build-up of dust due to being an afterthought to most. To be honest, when was the last time you saw an employee taking a wipe to a light switch?

If these areas go unnoticed for too long, soon enough the signs begin to show as they look grimy, dusty and unappealing to anyone.

It can be a headache for a regular employee to remember all of these places every week, which is why every office must have a contract in place for office cleaning Manchester.

Contact the team at Absolutely Gleaming Services today to keep your warehouse, washroom cleaning. and office clean!

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